Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

1. Subject

The letter rents to the tenant Landhuis Groenenburg, located at 8902 Zillebeke, Wervikstraat 165. The mansion is suitable for a maximum of 12 persons. It was completely renovated in December 2020, and all materials were renewed.

Description of the rented parts of the mansion:


Entrance with cloakroom and lavatory. At the cloakroom are 10 umbrellas of the property, 4 torches and 2 shoehorns. The lavatory is equipped with a waste bin, a lavatory brush, perfume holder, soap dispenser, small towels. The information desk is equipped with a computer, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, a printer and two information brochure holders.

Kitchen, utility room, lounge and dining area

The kitchen contains two fridges, two dishwashers, two microwaves, two hot-air ovens, one wine cooler, a cooking range top, crockery with wine glasses, pots, pans,.. In short, nothing is lacking (see also our inventory list). The utility room contains one freezer, a washing machine, a tumble dryer, an iron, an ironing board, several kitchen appliances… please see our inventory list. The mansion has a spacious living room with an oak table and 14 chairs, a large living room and a large TV with SONOS home cinema

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Landhuis Groenenburg has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The bedrooms have box-spring beds; three beds of 180x210 cm, two beds of 160x210 cm and one twin bed of 90x210 (two beds against each other with separate mattresses). Each bedroom is equipped with a flat screen TV and air conditioning. The bathrooms all have a walk-in shower, lavatory, washbasin, hairdryer, set of two cups and floor mats. Bathroom Two has an extra bathtub. Bed linen and towels are included.

Multi-purpose (Games) room

This room is equipped with one TV, a PlayStation4 with two controllers, Wii game console with two controllers, a professional pool table, a digital piano on a stand, a darts board, and several board games (see inventory list) and puzzles.


Jacuzzi, sauna, seating area with gas-powered fireplace, outdoor kitchen with sink, barbecue, double fryer, table top fridge and ice cube maker, large outdoor table with 14 chairs, TwinStore awning, outdoor lavatory with washbasin and mirror, heated swimming pool, covered terrace with a lounge set, pellet stove, table and chairs… Furthermore, there is a pirate’s castle for the little ones, a petanque court, a table tennis table and a badminton net. At the back there is also a large table with 14 chairs. Under the carport, there is storage containing all sorts of outdoor games. The parking area is suitable for seven cars. There is also bicycle shed, a gas tank and a waste bin.

2. Acceptance in good condition

The letter offers, and the tenant accepts, the property in the state as is, in a good state of repair, safety, hygiene and habitability and in accordance with both the royal and local laws and decrees, as applicable.

3. Purpose and use

3.1 The mansion is exclusively intended for habitation on the basis of holiday rental. The tenant cannot make this property his/her main residence. Any change by the tenant to the purpose or use of the mansion is not permitted.

3.2 It is not permitted to occupy the property with more than the stated maximum number of persons . Also, no tents, caravans or mobile homes may be placed. If this number is exceeded, 25% of the rental price will be charged per extra person and will be deducted from the deposit.

3.3 State of the property: the hired good is completely cleaned and in a neat state before occupation. When leaving the property n, the mansion must be delivered in a neat state (tidy and swept clean). For the final cleaning, we assume that that before departure you yourself put everything back in its original place if necessary, the dishes done, dishwashers empty, microwaves and ovens cleaned and all used household appliances cleaned. Bathrooms are cleaned and all used bed linen and towels must be collected in the entrance hall. Do not forget the outdoor kitchen and towels from the sauna or swimming pool. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in additional cleaning charges.

4. Transfer and subletting

The tenant is not permitted to transfer his/her rights, nor to sublet the property to third parties.

5. Payment and conditions

5.1 A booking is made via our website or other websites such as

5.2 The rental price is stated under "rates". Before a booking becomes final, 50% of the rental price must be paid immediately after booking. The deposit of € 1500,- must also be paid with the booking.

5.3 The letter’s obligation to provide access to the property is postponed until the rent has been paid in full and a signed copy of the rental contract is in the possession of both parties.

5.4 If payment is not made on time, the tenant will be in default. The letter will inform him/her of this in writing or by email. He/she then still has the possibility to pay the amount owed within seven days. If the payment is still not made, the rental contract will be cancelled on the day of default. The prepaid amount of 50% is then considered a cancellation fee.

5.5 If the rental agreement is concluded within six weeks of the date of commencement, the entire rental price + the deposit must be paid immediately.

5.6 The letter reserves the right to terminate the agreement due to serious circumstances. In this case, the tenant will be informed as soon as possible of the cancellation of the rental contract and will be refunded all rent already paid within two weeks after cancellation.

5.7 If the tenant has made use of one or several concierge services during their stay, this will be deducted from the paid rental deposit, or an additional invoice will be sent to the tenant.

6. Cancellation and conditions

All cancellations, for whatever reason, must be notified to us by email ( If the cancellation reaches us more than two months before the start of the stay, 50% of the rental price will be charged. If the cancellation is received less than two months before the start of the stay, the total amount will be charged. If we are able to rent out the holiday home again for the cancelled period and in the same formula, the total amount will be refunded minus € 500.- administration and rebooking costs.

7. Consumption and costs

7.1 The final cleaning is included in the rental price.

7.2 If the vacation home is not left clean, additional cleaning charges will be deducted from the deposit.

7.3 Bed linen, towels and kitchen linen are included in the rental price.

7.4 Consumption of water, gas and electricity are included in the rental price. Please note: this applies for normal consumption. In case of excessive consumption, additional costs may be charged.

7.5 Tourist taxes are included in the rental price.

7.6 VAT is included in the rental price.

7.7 The tenant undertakes to treat the rented property and its contents with due care in all situations. This includes closing windows and doors during wind/rain, locking the property when absent, and the normal consumption of water, gas and electricity and heating. Excessive consumption will be deducted from the rental deposit paid.

8. Waste disposal

Please dispose of full rubbish bags in the container. This container is located in the bicycle shed next to the parking area. Empty bottles and cardboard may be placed next to the container.

9. Rental deposit

9.1 In order to ensure that the rental contract runs smoothly, the tenant must pay a rental deposit of € 1000.- to the letter, before being allowed to use the property. The rental deposit is paid together with the booking.

9.2 The letter’s obligation to provide access to the mansion is postponed until the rental deposit has been paid in full. In the absence of payment, the contract will be regarded as dissolved on the effective date. The rental deposit is completely separate from the rent to be paid.

9.3 If both tenant and letter agree, this deposit can be used to offset any additional costs or shortcomings after the rental period.

9.4 If no damage has been done, this rental deposit (possibly reduced by additional costs) will be refunded by the letter within 4 weeks after the rental period. Any bank charges associated (Please note: when correctly using the IBAN details, a bank transfer within the EU is free) are borne by the tenant.

10. Liability of tenant

10.1 The tenant is liable for damages to the holiday home caused by himself/herself and/or by his/her travel companions or visitors. He/She is responsible for the property during the rental period and he/she is obliged to keep the property neat and clean. It is recommended to take out a separate travel insurance in addition to one’s own liability insurance.

10.2 The tenant is not allowed to accommodate more or other persons or animals in the holiday home than stated in the contract. The owner may refuse the tenant in that case.

10.3 The tenant is responsible for all forms of damage including to the home contents, as established by the letter at the end of the rental period.

10.4 All damage must be reported to the letter before the tenant’s departure.

10.5 In case of no damage, the rental deposit will be refunded to the tenant by the letter, by bank transfer within 4 weeks after the expiry of this contract, after settlement of any additional costs.

11. Visit of the letter

The letter is allowed, by appointment with the tenant, to visit the property, with the aim of checking whether all obligations are fulfilled. This right must take into account the private life of the tenant and be performed in moderation.

12. Responsibility for accidents and theft

12.1 The letter is not responsible for accidents that occur in and/or around the accommodation. The letter is also not responsible for accidents that occur in and/or around the swimming pool.

12.2 The tenant is responsible for theft and damages to the furnishings if the theft occurs without traces of burglary. For theft without traces of burglary, e.g. by not locking the windows and doors when absent, the tenant shall be liable for the damages suffered.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 Any printing errors in this contract, our website or other forms, do not alter the meaning of the clauses.

13.2 The letter is under no circumstances liable and responsible for any damage caused to all persons involved or to movable and immovable property.

13.3 The separate house instructions, attached as Appendix 1, form an integral part of this Agreement. Please follow all provisions strictly.